Hi, I'm Sean. I'm a multi-disciplinary film professional working primarily in the Camera and Post-production editorial worlds as an Assistant Camera, Editor, Assistant Editor, and Media Manager/DIT. Check below for some of my previous work, or reach me directly here.

Pardon the digital dust and bare-bones content, I'm reworking the back-end of the site before making more significant additions.

Featured Projects

Momentum Generation

Project vitals:

  • Genre & Format: Documentary Feature
  • Release details: available on HBO
  • My role: Assistant Editor (Final Cut X) plus archival research and licensing support.
  • Additional info:
    • 2019 Sports Emmy for Outstanding Long Sports Documentary
    • 2019 FOCAL International Award for Best Use of Footage in Sports Production

Dino Hunters

Project vitals:

  • Genre & Format: Reality Series
  • Network: Discovery
  • My role: Assistant Editor (Premiere Pro)
  • Release details: In post-production.

The Penthouse

Project vitals:

  • Genre & Format: Narrative Feature
  • Release details: Post-production completed.
  • My role: 1st Assistant Camera (RED DRAGON)

Together Time

Project vitals:

  • Genre & Format: Short Film (Trailer)
  • Release details: Premiered at film festivals as a trailer.
  • My role: "A" Camera Operator and Gimbal Operator

Harker: The Awakening

Project vitals:

  • Genre & Format: Narrative Feature
  • Release details: available on Amazon
  • My roles: Assistant Editor (Final Cut X), VFX Artist, Title design, Actor + Stunt Performer.
  • Additional info:
    • All volunteer feature project shot and edited within one year on ultra ultra low budget. The first film project I was involved with. It started as a parkour gig and evolved into an additional acting role, helping out on set, and tackling both Assistant Editing work and VFX (including title design).