What I’m up to now

Writing: There hasn’t been much going on, as far as writing goes. It remains primarily introspective and planning oriented. Work has kept me away from a serious writing habit for a while, though I’m working to correct that now.

Movement: Continuing to focus my efforts towards stage combat and stunt work. Re-building a solid base of physical conditioning after a period of illness knocked that back a ways.

Performance: No active performances or prep for performance.

Teaching: My older tutorials are always available over at Play Everywhere. Not currently offering regular teaching due to work schedule.

Other Learning: Working on a long-term project that combines weapons practice with editing and VFX in DaVinci Resolve and Fusion.

Other Work: Focusing more on working in the camera department on shows as an Assistant Camera, otherwise actively applying to work in LA.

Page Last Updated: July 4th, 2019