Retrogram: Martial Wall Ball

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First try at this game/drill with a tennis ball and a wall. Admittedly I made it harder than necessary by choosing an irregular wall, but it was an impromptu thing and a good challenge. Only up to four in a row at best, but not bad given the circumstances, I think? Making contact? No problem. Hitting with proper form--no kinks in the wrist and limiting contact to the knuckles of the index and middle fingers-- is the hardest thing right now. Maybe it'll be easier when half the game isn't adapting to the extreme trajectories that this wall would send it on. #movement #martialarts #training #practiceball #movementgame #gooutsideandplay

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Tennis balls, so versatile. I almost never play tennis, but they remain useful as mobility tools, for drills like the one above (and others), and behind-the-scenes to protect floors or faces from damage from pointy metal bits. This is one of many drills and games I’ve found via Ido Portal. Since this video I found better, AKA flat, surfaces to practice it on which made for a more consistent improvement. Compared to traditional (whole hand) wall ball this version is fiendishly difficult to maintain a rally. However that’s because you’ve got to keep many variables consistent on each strike: straight wrist, contact with the ball on particular knuckles (top two for me), measured force on each strike, precise footwork, among others. I like it a lot, recommended for any martial artist and it’d be beneficial for anyone looking to challenge hand-eye and total body coordination.

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